Why your older home needs electrical maintenance

Why your older home needs electrical maintenance?

Everyone buying a home must understand that you are playing a game of Russian roulette, around every corner there could be a disaster waiting to happen. This is why we get pre-purchase building inspections, so we know what we are getting ourselves into. But what do we do if we have been in our home for many years if your home is older? If your home was built over 25 years ago it would be classed as an older home and it’s time to get a trusted electrician on the gold coast to have a look and see if you are living in a ticking time bomb. This may seem dramatic but old and faulty wiring is a major cause of house fires and it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home electrical network.

Safety isn’t the only reason that you should get an electrician on the Gold Coast to visit. Technology has changed so much over the years and it could be time to modernise your wiring and network in general.

The need for more outlets

Over time we are becoming more reliant on devices and appliances in our everyday life and as such there never seems to be enough outlets for charging. In high traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms there just never seems to be enough outlets for the required usage in those rooms. We then tend to chain link power boards, which isn’t a very safe option, when simply having the correct wall plates installed will do the job.

The USB outlet is fast becoming the most important addition to any home. The convenience of being able to charge your devices straight from the wall is a blessing. These are very popular for all rooms of the house and come in either stand-alone plates or with power options as well.

Surge Protection

We have all been involved in a power surge instance in our home and many people would have been unlucky enough to have appliances destroyed because of them. The advent of power boards with built-in surge protectors was a necessary addition to everyone home that didn’t want to have to shop for a new TV after every thunderstorm.

There are now whole-house suppressors that can withstand up to 40,000 amps, helping to keep your home safe. Even though these are great technology there is still a chance that some voltage could slip through the gap, which is why we still suggest that you use additional plug-in surge protectors as well.


Safeguard your investment

Your home is your number one asset and you should protect it as such. Having a trusted electrician on the Gold Coast like NDF Electrical do an audit on your home is a great way to start. The team at NDF are experts in making older homes safer with modern wiring systems and automation. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call NDF Electrical today for all your electrician needs on the Gold Coast.

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