What is the importance of grounding electric current?

Having a properly grounded electrical system in your home will help protect you and your electronic devices from electrical overloads and shocks. Ask your local electrician on the Gold Coast to check your electrical system and ensure it’s properly and efficiently grounded.

Having your home wiring grounded is important because:

  • Overload protection

When grounded your electrical wiring system has an easy pathway for excess electricity to escape in the event of a lightning strike or a surge in your current instead of damaging your circuitry, appliances, property and anyone who is in it

  • Help direct electricity

When your electrical system is grounded the power can easily be guided to the areas required safely and efficiently

  • Stabilises voltage levels

Grounding makes it easier to regulate the power supply so the correct amount of power gets to the right places as required with a common reference point. This helps to ensure circuits don’t get overloaded and blown out

  • Earth, the best conductor

Earth is a very strong conductor, so when your electrical system is grounded, if there is any problem the current will pass through the easiest pathway to earth rather than travelling through a person giving an electric shock and most likely saving your life

  • Prevents damage

Proper grounding avoids the risk of having appliances destroyed and data lost or fires starting by a surge or overload in your electrical circuits. Ask your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast to check your electrical wiring regularly; it could save lives and your property

How grounding works

A metal rod is driven into the ground or a pipe from an underground water system is used to permanently ground your electrical system. From this, a wire goes to your electrical circuit or switchboard. Every power outlet has a three pin plug and wired in appliances have three wires, the positive, phase or hot wire, the negative or neutral wire and the ground or earth wire.

Electricity always seeks the easiest and shortest way back to earth, so if a problem occurs the current can harmlessly travel directly to earth instead of via a person preventing electrocution.

Your home should only have three pin plugs so there is always an earth wire available for all appliances. If you have the old style2 pin plugs you need to have your wiring system upgraded by your local electrician on the Gold Coast as soon as possible to ensure your family’s safety and protect your property

Safety Tips

If in doubt about the safety of any of your appliances or electrical fittings call your local friendly electrician on The Gold Coast to check them for you.

  • Never use or touch any appliance with a damage electrical cord
  • Never use or touch any appliance that is cracked, damaged or becomes warm, hot or smells

Having your electrical system properly grounded is a smart move to ensure the safety of your electrical appliances, fittings, data, property and family. If you have any doubts about whether your home is properly grounded, you have flickering lights, get a tingling sensation from any switches or appliances or if you smell any strange smells around your home, contact your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast to have your home wiring checked as soon as possible for your family’s safety.