What are underground outlets and are they safe?

All electrical installations in Queensland must be carried out by a fully registered and fully qualified electrician. It is illegal for anyone to do any electrical repairs unless they are licensed. You can find a suitable Electrician on the Gold Coast by doing a Google search for one in your area.

Underground power outlets, wiring and lighting are potentially very dangerous and need to be installed and serviced by a competent and well trained electrician who is licensed to do this type of specialised work.

All the fittings use in outside work must have the right weatherproof ratings as most of the extra regulations relating to outside electrical installations relate to waterproofing and insulation.

When planning on installing outdoor power consult your local Electrician on the Gold Coast about all aspects involved, they will be able to advise you on:

  • The requirements when building a swimming pool, regarding lighting, and power for filters and pumps
  • The proximity of existing power equipment to a new swimming pool
  • Advise about your existing home electrical equipment and switchboards as to whether is adequate to cope with any extra loads you may need
  • Installation of solar power panels, battery storage banks and inverters to 210 volt power
  • The use of sensible extra low voltage cable lighting, (12 volt) coupled with extra PVC protection for direct underground installation powered by an in-house transformer.
  • Using 12 volt and solar pumps for ponds and water features
  • Solar powered outdoor lighting
  • Permanently wired electrical fittings to eliminate in-ground outlets
  • All outdoor switches and fittings to a minimum of a IP67 rating (Min govt regulation)
  • Outdoor light fittings and switches should all be weatherproofed to comply with at least a standard IP67 rating
  • Seek advice on relocating or locating all electrical power points, light switches and other fittings to fully comply with all the AS/NZ 3000 Wiring regulations and rules
  • Demand safety switch protection and moisture prevention and penetration measures on all your electrical equipment as well as earth bonding of all ,metal work within these areas especially around ponds or swimming pools
  • It is important to ensure that all of the protective and waterproof covers that have been provided for electrical equipment are always kept in place and the seals remain intact. They should only be serviced by your electrician

All outdoor devices such as burglar alarms, security lighting, security cameras, vibration and heat sensor all need to be installed by a qualified and experienced electrician on the Gold Coast

All your outdoor entertainment equipment such as projectors, video, electric radios, televisions, PA systems, BBQ’s, pool side bars and other appliances must be connected to power points that have adequate safety protection and are fully grounded while being kept well away from wet environments.

Underground power outlets are connections used outside the home to connect various appliances safely to their required power source. They are completely safe if they have been installed according to the AU/NZ safety requirements by a qualified and licensed Electrician and checked by the local electrical inspectors.