What are the main causes of Power Outages?

Power outages are unpredictable as they can happen at any time and without any warning. Unless you’re prepared it can be quite disruptive and stressful. Your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast can help with ideas on how to make these unfortunate episodes easier and also provide your home with a backup emergency power supply that gives you lights and keeps your security system operational whenever there is a power outage.

Types of power outages

There are four main types or categories of power outages or power faults, these are:

  • Planned shutdowns – These are done when the power supply companies need to do scheduled maintenance. Customers are notified of the date and time of the shutdown
  • A permanent fault –This usually happens when there is a fault on the main power lines, power is restored automatically once the fault is fixed and the fault cleared
  • A brownout – This is usually caused by a temporary drop in your electrical supply
  • A blackout – A blackout is where there is a total loss of power over an area, it may last for a few minutes, hours, days or even weeks depending on the reason for the blackout

The most common causes of power outages are:

  • Weather

The Gold Coast is blessed with a wonderful year round climate, but at times those of us living here have to put up with cyclones, cold snaps with ice and hailstones, very heavy rains, flooding and dust storms over the hot months. This can cause problems with equipment breakages and water damage causing power failures

  • Electrical spikes

Electrical spikes are a temporary voltage increase; these can be caused by lightning strikes and electrical storms, short circuits and tripped circuit breakers. Normally these can cause a short power outage unless they have also caused major electrical damage to lines or equipment and then there could be a delay while repairs are made

  • Vehicles

Many of the power lies that service our homes are located along roads and highways. This makes them vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents. Broken power poles and electrical power lines take time to repair and replace so often this causes power outages

  • Bushfires

Bushfires can destroy miles of electric power lines and other power infrastructure as well as preventing repair people from gaining access to restore the power supply. When there is a bushfire, you must have your local electrician on the Gold Coast check your home’s wiring for faults or problems caused by power surges or spikes during the fire

  • Animals

The Gold Coast is home to a variety of wild animals such as rats and mice, centipedes and large insects, possums, snakes and birds that often find their way into different types of electrical installation and equipment areas used to control the power supply looking for food or shelter. If the come into contact with live connections such as fuses or connectors or transformers they could cause a short that results in a power outage until the problem is located and the fault repaired


Fortunately, power outages are quite uncommon on The gold Coast, they usually happen during bad storms from lightning or flooding. Bird strikes, vehicle accidents and bushfires are also major reasons for power outages around The Gold Coast area.