What are the benefits of having USB electrical outlets installed in home?

Most modern rechargeable devices use USB cables to charge, so it’s worth while having you local electrician on the Gold Coast make a simple home upgrade by installing USB electrical outlets around your home.

Your electrician on the Gold Coast usually won’t need to change your wiring, just replace the old power outlets with USB capable outlets. There are a variety of configurations available, with the most common having two normal three pin sockets and two USB slots.

Streamline your device charging

This simple upgrade is a great way to improve the quality of life in your home and unclutter your electrical outlets. There is no need to use adapters just plug your USB directly into the wall outlet.

You could easily have your laptop and phone plugged into one outlet along with a normal three pin device. No need for bulky adapters as it frees up your outlets without the need to search for a spare outlet or unplug another device when you need to charge something. Every room in your home can be a hassle free, clutter free charging station.

When visitors need to charge their devices you have the convenience of being able to offer them a fast charge directly from the wall USB outlet

No need for adapters

Often when you want to charge your device you have to first search for a suitable adaptor, but with USB outlets conveniently placed around your home all you need do is plug you cable directly into the outlet. You’ll only need your adapters when you’re away from home.

Faster Charging

You can plug your USB device into other device that has a USB port such as a laptop or TV, but usually this is a very slow way to charge, as these devices often only give out 500 amps. With a USB adapter it’s a bit faster in a standard three pin outlet.

When you have a USB port on your electrical outlets you’ll get a 40 percent faster charge than when using an adapter. This is because most home electrical outlets with a USB port include a smart chip that detects the optimum charging rate needed for your device so charges it as fast as possible

Free up your power outlets

Not only does having your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast install USB wall ports in your home to free up your three pin outlets, it stops the problem of having a bulky adaptors covering the other three pin ports on an individual outlet so they can’t be used.

With the dual three pin and USB port outlets you can still keep your appliances plugged in while charging your USB devices

Dual three pin and USB outlets are now commonly available in most electrical supply stores and home supply stores, but by law you need to have them installed by a licenced and registered electrician, so call local electrician on the Gold Coast to have them installed for you