Top things to consider when upgrading electrical circuits

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your electrical circuits, contact your friendly electrician in Currumbin. Your find they will offer you plenty of helpful advice and provide an obligation free quote that comes with a written guarantee.

You never know what is lurking under your floor in your ceiling or behind your walls. Along with a variety of bugs, ant nests, mice, lizards, leaves and other things you may find old or outdated wiring, chewed wires and loose connections.

It is important to know that making any electrical repairs is illegal in Australia and must be done by a certified registered and qualified electrician.

If your home is more than 25 years old it’s wiring probably needs to be updated to meet the Queensland safety standard, but more importantly to keep you, your family and your property safe.

Inadequate or faulty wiring is a leading cause of home fire in Queensland, this is because the switchgear and insulations can break down over time and are susceptible to rodents.

When upgrading your electrical circuits you need to consider these ideas:

·         In your parents’ day most homes were wired for a 60 amp circuit as standard, today the average home uses 200 amps plus. This is to power air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, flat screen TV’s, computers and a host of other gadgets

·         When your circuitry is not adequate for your needs, it is not only very inconvenient, it can harm your electronic equipment with fluctuating currents

·         You are likely to overload your household switch gear causing them and your wiring to overheat presenting a fire hazard

·         Today, most people require data in all rooms and while upgrading your electrical circuitry; it might be a good time to consider placing a complete data system in place. You may want the ability to hook up all the computers in the home, have cable TV in all rooms have the ability to have multiple phone lines in each room

·         Consider your future needs such as smart systems that may require wiring

Are you up planning to extend your home, add a bedroom, kitchen or maybe build a home office? This is the perfect time to do a full upgrade so:

·         Decide if you need to have a full circuit upgrade or is some of your wiring adequate

·         Find an electrician in Currumbin that is experienced in home renovations and comfortable in working with older houses

·         Always get a written quote that specifies the work that you want does and what you will do if having complications (when renovating there are often unexpected things)

·         Have a written agreement regarding clean ups and the condition of the premises after the electrical work is completed

·         Make sure all electrical permits and local body requirements are taken out or complied with

·         Have adequate Insurance cover for your property and public liability for any injury or damage caused during the work. Also, ensure you electrician has all the necessary insurance covers

When upgrading your electrical circuitry, it’s vital to have a qualified electrician in Currumbin with all the local body permits and adequate insurance cover to do the job for you and get a written quote.