Top things to consider for electrics when shifting to a new house

When you are about to move into a new house, whether you just purchased it or it’s a rental, you should consider a few safety factors before you take possession or unload your stuff. If you just brought the property you most likely had a pest and building inspection so you know the place is sound and free of harmful pests, but what about the electrical wiring. It’s also important that you have your friendly local electrician on The Gold Coast make an electrical inspection to ensure the wiring is safe.

  • First, do a walkthrough

Before you move in while the place is empty you can get a good look around and see if anything is amiss. Check all the light fittings and make sure all the lights work. If possible, check the power points, this can be done using a radio or other appliance you can easily hold in your hand.

Just plug it into each power outlet and you will know if it’s working or not. Take note of any that are not working so you can have them repaired. While you’re checking them look for any sign of damage such as cracks, discolouration or distortion that could be a sign of a problem

  • Safety Switches

All rental properties must have safety switches and a law from 2019 requires all domestic residences that were constructed before 1992 to be equipped with safety switches within three months of being sold.

It’s important that you have a safety switch on all electrical circuits in your home and that all of the wiring is properly grounded. You can take a look in the fuse box or look at the meter board to see if the safety switches are there, but it’s better to ask your friendly local Gold Coast electrician to check for you.

  • Illegal Wiring

It’s illegal for anyone apart from a qualified and registered electrician to do any electrical wiring including installing safety switches in Australia. Sometimes homeowners or handymen decide to save a few dollars by doing their own wiring, but this can place you or your family and your property at risk, so having your electrical wiring checked by a fully qualified, registered and licensed electrician on the Gold Coast is Important when moving into a new place.

  • Child Safety

If you have children or even pets, it’s important that you check the area for any hazard that could compromise their safety. Many children are curious by nature and like to play with things. They have almost no understanding of the dangers of electricity, even if you try and explain it to them. Spare electrical outlets and empty light bulb sockets can be a very interesting and tempting thing to look at and push objects into, so it’s important to use blanks or have child safe devices installed on any power outlets that are within reach and not being used


Before moving into a new place it should be checked for electrical hazards by your local electrician on The Gold Coast to ensure it has adequate safety switches and that it’s completely safe for you and your family. You should also check the operation of all electrical outlets and devices to ensure they are in good working order.