Top benefits of having Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter switches protect our homes and everyone in it from receiving electrical shocks. They work by being able to compare the very small differences in the input current from the positive or hot side with the output current on the neutral or negative side. Talk with your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast about your individual needs.

If the device detects just a few milliamps of leakage or difference, then it will shut off the power to that device. This can happen in 20 to 30 milliseconds which can save a person from serious electrical damage.

Where should a GFCI device be installed?

A GFIC device should be installed on any circuit here moisture or water is present as this moisture greatly increases the likelihood of an electric shock happening such as:

  • Kitchens or any size
  • Laundries and anywhere there is either a wash tub or clothes or washing machine
  • Utility areas where water may be used
  • Bars and service areas
  • Boathouses and bathing sheds
  • Pools, hot tubs spars and sauna’s
  • Decks and any outdoor areas including covered outdoor areas
  • Workshops, garden sheds, garages and any accessory buildings
  • Basements, crawl spaces and anywhere where water can get to

These are the top benefits of having a GFCI device installed in your home:

  • Shock prevention

The most obvious thing a GFCI device does is prevent electrocution or shocks using its inbuilt sensors. This monitors the electrical flow and instantly shuts down the power supply it a fault is detected preventing an electrical shock.

Fire Protection

A ground fault circuit interrupter does just what its name implies, it detects any electrical flow that leaves a circuit to the ground, a major cause of electrical fires. Your fuse link or circuit breaker will also do this, but having your electrical circuits protected by GFCI devices you will enjoy peace of mind knowing and never having to worry about having an electrical fire in your home.

Prevents Damage to Appliances

Many electrical appliances are used constantly so over time they suffer a reasonable amount of wear and tear. This is not only on the outside, but can extend to the internal wiring where the electrical insulation is prone to breaking down. This can cause a small amount of electricity to leak into the appliance and escape.

If the appliance outer area is made from a non-conductive material such as plastic, you’re unlikely to get a shock as you would if it was made from metal, but this leakage will begin to damage that appliance. One of the main reasons that a computer hard drive can fail is directly related to this issue of electrical current leakage

Having a GFCI device installed on the circuit will mean any electrical leak will be detected immediately and the circuit shutdown so no damage can occur, preventing the loose of any important information stored there.

Your electrician on the Gold Coast is the person you should contact to find out about having GFCI devices installed on your electrical circuits to protect your family, home and all your appliances. They will completely eliminate the worry of electrical shocks and fires in your home.