The Essential checklist for electricians while upgrading wiring for your home

When upgrading the wiring in or around your home, there are a few things you need to place on your electrician’s checklist, The most important being to make sure your electrician on the Gold coast is fully Qualified and registered with all the necessary permits and insurance covers.

Then you can be sure your job will be done properly, safely and to the correct Australian standards. Then you need to make checklist of all the things you will require done such as:

Power points

Today’s modern 3 bedroom homes require more than 45 power points spread around the house to service all the different appliances and more if you have a home office or workshop attached and don’t forget child proof power points.

  • Lounge room

It’s often a good idea to consider several different seating arrangements for your lounge room and plan where the new power points will need to go accordingly.

  1. Behind the couch lamps
  2. Side table power points for chargers
  3. TV, DVD, projector, computer music centre and sound system
  4. Electric fans and or portable air conditioners
  5. Emergency lighting
  • Bathrooms

It’s important that power points are kept away from wet areas and safety switches are used, your electrician on Gold Coast will be able to advise you on this

Power points for electric razors, hair driers, curling thongs and hair straightness

  • Bedrooms

Many people like to have a range of gadgets in the bedroom so it’s advisable to consider all the ones you use such as

  1. Electric alarm clock
  2. Electric blankets, maybe separate his and hers
  3. Best side reading lamps
  4. Personal computers, maybe a wall mounted flat screen TV with surround sound system
  5. Emergency lighting
  6. Phone charging station
  7. Extra fans or portable air conditioner
  8. Security system and monitor
  9. It’s just as well to add at least an extra power points for vacuum cleaners or floor polishers
  • Kitchen

Some appliances in the kitchen such as the cooking range and oven are hard wired in because of the high current they use, but many others require their own power points

  1. Fridges, freezers and dishwashers
  2. Microwaves and grills
  3. Coffee machines, sandwich makers, rice cookers, crock pots, toasters, kettles and many other modern gadgets
  • Hallway and entrance

These areas require power points for cleaning equipment and security lighting

  • Home office or workshop

These areas require at least 5 to 8 power points depending on how much equipment you need

  • Decks and pool areas

These also require specialized all weather safety power points that you electrician on the Gold Coast can help you with

  • Phone, internet connections and security

These need to be organized early in the planning stage with the providers

  • Lighting

This is a specialty area where your friendly electrician on the Gold Coast can help and advise you on the latest and most cost effective options

  • Heating and cooling options

These are also specialty areas that are best left to competent contractors

Your local electrician on The Gold Coast is fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of electrical upgrades and installations. So they are able to advise you on all the different requirements and your electrical needs when upgrading your home electrical system.