Signs which show your home needs electrical maintainence

Everyone likes to and should always feel safe in their home, with many of the possible dangers that could occur being very obvious as they can be seen, but electricity is invisible and silent. Ensuring your home electrics is well maintained and safe is vital, so call your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast if there is any doubt about your home electrics or if you haven’t had them checked within a few years. Your family and property safety requires regular maintenance of your whole electrical system and in older homes a system update may be necessary to ensure you’re compliant with local and government regulations.

It’s important for everyone’s safety to regularly look for signs of possible electrical problems. The following are signs that show your home needs electrical maintenance from your local electrician on the Gold Coast:

Smells and or Sparks at Power Outlets

If you detect a strange or funny smell in your home like burnt plastic, you need to check all your electrical fittings and outlets including the lights. If any part of the electrical fitting is discoloured or distorted it’s a sign they have over heated and they need to be checked by a qualified electrician on the Gold Coast.

When you turn on some outlets you may see sparks or they might feel warm or hot when you touch them after they have operated for a while. These are sure signs that you need to have them properly checked.

Buzzing Sounds

Apart from the sound of the moving parts like fans or motors in your electrical appliances, your electrical system should be completely silent. Some light switches give a slight click when operated, this is normal unless they start doing this when they get older.

Tingling Sensations

You should never feel any type of tingling sensation from your electric wires switcher or other fittings. Some appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners give a noticeable vibration when working, but never a tingling sensation if working correctly.

If you feel any sensation from your electrical system have it checked straight away by your local electrician on the Gold Coast.

Flickering Lights

If any of your lights flicker, it’s a sign that that circuit is overloaded or not working correctly. It’s important to check the connections and find the reason for the lights to flicker. Another telltale sign of a problem is if your lights become dimmer, both these signs require that your home electrics are checked properly.

Frequent Flipping Out Circuit Breakers or Safety Switches

Circuit breakers are there to protect your equipment such as appliances and fittings. Safety switches are there preventing the possibility of electrical shock. If either of these flip out you need to discover the reason and rectify the problem, usually it requires the help of your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast who will quickly and cost effectively rectify the problem keeping your family and property safe.

Whenever you notice an unusual smell of burnt plastic, feel any sensation from any electrical outlets or fittings, the light flicker or grow dimmer, it’s time to call your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast to have your  electrical system checked as these are possible signs that your electrical system is dangerous.