Precautions you should take while using Electric Blankets

Even in the semi tropics on the Gold Coast it can get very cold at night, especially when the wind blows up from the Deep South and across the interior. This is when winter accessories like electric blankets come out. Here are some tips on their safe use from your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast:

Over the years electric blankets have greatly improved and now you can get an electric under blanket or an electric over blanket, but as they both use electricity there are some concerns. As long as you observe a few basic safety rules you can safely enjoy a heated bed.

  • Only use an over electric blanket on top, never sleep on this type of electric blanket as they are threaded with electric coils that could be damaged
  • Only use an electric under blanket under you, they are designed to be flat against the mattress and usually come with straps to keep them in place, they should not be folded or wrapped around the body as they could be damaged
  • Make sure that there are no heavy objects on your electric blanket when it’s in use as this can cause a heat buildup in that area
  • Use your electric blanket to warm your bed and then when you enter the bed turn it off
  • Check your electric blanket to be sure it has an auto turn-off feature in case it overheats
  • Never place the electric cord of your electric blanket between your mattress and the base of the bed or box spring as the cord could heat up and become a fire hazard
  • It’s nice to have a warm place for pets to sleep, but get them a special pet electric blanket as they could easily bite or scratch a hole in yours, damaging it and its internal wiring stopping it from working properly or becoming a fire hazard

Cleaning Your Electric Blanket

It is very important to follow the manufacture’s instruction when washing an electric blanket. Some types are washable and some are not. Never try and wash an electric blanket unless you’re sure it is the washable kind. If you have any doubt, talk with your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast about it.

Most under electric blankets are protected by an over sheet which is similar to as mattress protector so should never get dirty

If you have an over electric blanket that is not washable it should be inside a special cover to keep it clean and then you can wash the cover as required

Some additional safety tips

  • Never use more than one electric heating products at one time as the increased heat could lead to overheating of your core body temperature
  • Don’t allow the cords to become wrapped around the controls to avoid damage
  • If you notice anything different or unusual in the operation of your blanket or any smells turn it off and have it inspected

An electric blanket is a great thing to have on a cold night, but like all electrics it needs to be cared for. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, storing and using it and never lie on an over-the-top-type blanket or place an under electric blanket on top of you for your safety.