How to protect home from electrical hazards?

Summer time is often when your home uses more electricity to compensate for the hotter weather. With air conditioners and fans working to full capacity and refrigerators and freezers working overtime to produce enough cool refreshments, many homes are in danger of overloading their electrical system creating a potential fire hazard.

Your local electrician in Gold Coast can quickly access your home wiring circuits and advise you if there are any potential safety issues. It’s far better to have your property checked so you know your family and property is safer than just hoping and then being sorry later.

It’s Important that you understand that under Australian law home owners or handymen are not allowed to do any type of wiring or electrical repairs and must have all electrical work done by a licensed and qualified Electrician.

The following safety tips are things you can do to keep you safe and your home hazard free:

  • Check all your power outlets regularly for loose plugs, as these are able to cause fires if they overheat when the current jumps any gap causing a spark or electric shock
  • Check out your fuse box or power board so you know where it is in the event of a power failure at night. Keep some spare fuse wire or a flashlight handy so you can reset any tripped safety switches if required
  • It’s a good practice to ensure all unused power outlets have safety covers, especially if you have pets or young children
  • Don’t overload power points with too many plugs
  • Extension cords should only be a temporary measure, not a permanent fixture
  • Regularly check your appliances cords and plugs for damage
  • Don’t place appliance cords or extension cords under mats or carpets, staple or pin them to the walls or ceilings
  • Check that extension cords match the wattage of the appliance or fixture you’re plugging it into
  • If you use Edison screw bulbs ensure they are screwed in tightly so they don’t overheat in the sockets
  • Have light circuits checked if you have flickering lights or the lights start to dim at any time
  • Any circuit or appliance that keeps blowing fuses needs to be checked by your local electrician in Gold Coast
  • Have any appliances that heats up, gives off strange smells or a tingling sensation checked before using
  • Ensure all your power outlets are three pronged, if you’re in an older home, ask your friendly electrician in Gold Coast to check the outlets as it was quite common for the old two pin plugs to be changed to three pin without the earth wire being connected correctly
  • Don’t have home sound systems, TV’s and Computers all plugged into power strips as a power surge could wipe them all out or a short could cause a fire. Talk with your friendly electrician in Gold Coast about correctly and safely wiring all your systems
  • Smoke detectors should be installed to prevent fires and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed to protect lives

During the hot summer months, it’s tempting to add a few more cooling devices, but be sure not to overload your circuits. Talk with your friendly local electrician in Gold Coast about checking your whole system and adding a few more power outlets