How to choose the best local electrician on the Gold Coast?

When you need an electrician on the Gold Coast it’s important that you find the best local properly qualified and licensed electrician to do your electrical work.

The following ideas will help you locate the best local electrician on the Gold Coast:

  • You need an electrician

To do any electrical repairs apart from changing a standard light bulb or operating electrical appliances you need an electrician. Any alterations, adjustments or repairs can only by law be done by a professional electrician.

Even if the job seems to be  simple and you feel you are capable of doing it, by doing so you become liable for any injuries or damage that results from doing so and any insurance claim you make is likely to be rejected. You are also likely to be charged with a criminal offense which can carry a large fine or a custodial sentence.

  • Qualifications to Look for in an Electrician
  1. An electrician must have completed their 4 year apprenticeship and had 12 months on-site experience and hold an electrician’s licence
  2. They must be a registered electrical contractor
  3. All electricians must issue electrical compliance certificates that show the work was done following the states and Australian Standards regulations
  • Finding the best Electrician on The Gold Coast

Start by looking up local customer testimonials and reviews. In the same way as many people now check the internet to find a great restaurant looking for the best electrician should start with customer reviews. Be wary of any electrician who don’t list themselves on review websites or have poor reviews, they may be cheaper, but the reviews are a good indication of the service you can expect.

Try Facebook and other social media sites band ask your social community for quality recommendations.

Finding the Best Trustworthy Electrician

  • Ask Friends, Family and Co-workers

It’s very likely that some of your friends, family members or co-workers have had a good experience with one or more of the local electricians and are happy to make a positive recommendation. It’s also possible that you will find out about those electricians who are best avoided.

  • Ask Trusted Contractors

If you know any contractors, local trades people or supply companies, they usually will be able to suggest some quality electricians you can approach.

  • Online

A local online search will locate all the electricians in your area, expect the best ones to be popular so have a waiting list.

Carefully check their online reviews to get an idea of their skill level and business ethics.

  • Get Quotes

Always ask for a quote and before you make your final decision check the prices they require, it’s not a good sign if the price is very cheap and on the other hand a very high price does not guarantee a quality job.

  • Check Licences

A good, trustworthy electrician on the Gold Coast will offer their licence to show they are genuine and supply a certificate of safety, if they are reluctant then look elsewhere.

Finding the best local electrician on the Gold Coast comes down to asking locals which electricians are fully qualified and have consistently provided the best standard of work. But expect they will be busy and you’ll need to wait.