How Smoke Alarms can prevent your home from a massive fire

Home fires can be devastating and can happen quickly without warning. Often fires break out when the inhabitants are sleeping and often it’s too late to put them out, but with a properly installed smoke alarm from you electrician in Tweed Heads installed in all critical areas, you can protect yourself and family from massive fires.

Always insist on Quality Fire Alarms

Smoke alarms and detectors are an essential investment in every home, The difference in a cheap bargain priced smoke alarm and a high quality one installed by your local electrician in Tweed Heads is a very small price to pay to help guarantee your family’s safety.

Smoke alarms come with their own batteries or can be connected to your power supply and backup emergency system in case of a power failure

The Three Common Types of Smoke Alarm

The most common types of smoke detectors are:

  1. An Ionization Alarm

These are designed to detect big open flames

  1. Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

These are designed to detect smoke or a smoldering fire before the large flames start

  1. Dual Sensor Alarm

These are a combination of both an ionization alarm and a photoelectric alarm and will detect all types of fires.

It’s vital to have both types of alarms or dual sensor alarms placed in multiple and strategic sites around your home.

Installing Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms must be placed in central areas as having an alarm at one end of your home may not detect a fire or smoke until it’s too late. As smoke and heat rise rapidly they are normally placed on the ceiling or high up on walls

Don’t Have a Fire Alarm placed

  • Near a window
  • Above a stove or near a fireplace
  • On the ceiling beside a wall or on a wall beside the ceiling, place them in central positions
  • Above doorways or large windows
  • Near heating ducts or ventilation shafts

Your local electrician in Tweed Heads is experienced and qualified to install fire alarms and smoke detectors in the correct locations.

Maintaining Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms need to be tested regularly; it’s advisable to do it monthly. A good idea is to make a point of checking them every time you pay your power bill

It’s also important to keep them clean and dust free. A vacuum cleaner is ideal for ensuring that the air inside your home can flow around the device so you get an early warning of any fire to avoid a massive fire.

Although most homes now have smoke detectors or fire alarms, it has been found that over half of these devices do not work because of missing or flat batteries. Another problem is having them installed in inappropriate places.

When smoke alarms are not working, they can’t save lives so for a little price, you can have peace of mind and a safety net for your family.

If your home is not protected by having the appropriate fire/smoke alarm systems installed contact your local electrician in Tweed Heads he can expertly and quickly install a very effective system to protect your home from a massive fire if a fire starts. This is because you have time to act and put it out.