How Malfunctioning Electrical Appliances Can Affect Your Home Electricity

The age of the appliance is upon us, unfortunately, sometimes they wear out or start to show signs of disrepair. Most people consider that when this happens the problems are confined to that particular malfunctioning appliance, but this is not necessarily correct, in fact, the faulty appliance can in some instances cause power surges through your home’s electrical system affecting other circuits and other appliances. If you have a faulty appliance, unplug it and have it checked by or repaired by your local electrician on the Gold Coast or replace it before it causes any damage.

So What Can Happen

Installed in your fuse box or power board are circuit breakers for each wiring circuit that runs around your home. When an appliance malfunctions, often it will fizzle and send a burst of electricity around your electrical circuit. This will cause the circuit breaker to trip out and close the circuit. Often this is the first indication you have that an appliance is malfunctioning.

When a circuit breaker trips out it is important to discover the reason, it may be that too many appliances are operating at once on that circuit or that one of them has malfunctioned.

You should not just reset the circuit breaker and carry on as this can create further opportunities for electrical damage to your electrical system

Potential Problems

There are three main issues that can happen if you ignore the warning of a circuit breaker tripping out or have a malfunctioning appliance, physical damage, surge damage and a fire hazard.

Physical Damage

Most people use a surge protector with their computer equipment and TV or even have a complete home surge protection system installed to protect all the microprocessors now found in most appliances. But these are designed to protect from external power surges such as lightning strikes and the effects of power outages and the returning surge that can be created.

These large surges can heat up electrical components and cause them to deform or melt as well as give of a burnt smell especially delicate connections in light fittings and outlets.

Surge Damage

A faulty appliance causes an internal surge as can a refrigerator or air conditioner that normally uses extra energy while initially turning on and at the start of each cycle. These surges happen often through a household electrical system which is one reason that you have different circuits around the home. These small surges happen regularly every day, but faulty appliances can create larger damaging surges that affect your microprocessor based electronics and reduce their working life or they can cause permanent damage instantly.

If this happens, call your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast to make repairs and find the cause.

Fire Damage

In some instances when an appliance malfunctions, it can cause sparks or get so hot it causes a fire. Often this is very small, but it can quickly spread to ignite insulation or any combustible material around such as curtains, wallpaper and dry timber framing.

Your best defense against faulty appliances is replacing your old inexpensive ones regularly and having your more expensive items checked periodically by your local electrician on the Gold Coast, use working smoke detectors and have accessible fire extinguishers available.