Five skills every electrical technicians needs

Today’s electrical technicians, commonly referred to, as an electrician or a Sparky are highly trained trades people who can perform a wide variety of electrical tasks from the complete wiring installations of new buildings, repairing, replacing or upgrading existing systems as well as repairing and installing equipment. Your local electrician in Elanora is a competent professional who is trained to follow very strict government guidelines and also holds an adequate amount of insurance cover.

The majority of electricians are in one of these three categories, although many are in all three

  1. Inside Electricians

Those electrician’s who work in a particular business or a factory type situation. This usually involves maintenance, equipment repair and overhauling to meet requirements of systems as well as installing wiring circuitry as needed. Often this is as an employee rather than as a contractor.

  1. Residential Electricians

Often these electricians build systems in new constructions as well as troubleshooting all manner of domestic electrical problems. Often they will move after completing one job to another job in another location and are frequently on call as required.

  1. Telecommunications Electricians

These types of electricians typically install and repair all types of cables and systems that are required for phone, computer and LAN wiring applications. They can be private contractors, business-specific contracts or government contractors.

The Five Skills Most Electricians require are:

  1. Mechanical Aptitude

Not all people have an innate sense of mechanics, but an electrician is comfortable and confident around electrical sites and well trained in the correct methods to ensure everyone’s safety while they are working and after the job is complete

  1. Problem Solving Skills

Electrical work is not always straight forward, often diagnosing problems and then repairing them is a critical part of the job. Some problems require alternative solutions because every job is unique

  1. Reading and Comprehension

A lot electrical jobs are written, some require the interpretation of plans and permits. It’s vital an electrician can read drawings or following sometimes complex diagrams about the job. Every job also requires a written summary that others working on the project can easily follow

  1. A good understanding of Relevant Business Skills

If an electrician wants to work as a contractor they need to have mastered some basic business skills such as invoicing, ordering and tracking inventory, strategic planning, managing employee’s and dealing with clients in a friendly and professional manner

  1. Customer Services Skills

Private contractors and all the electricians who service residential and any small businesses need to be able to develop a positive rapport with their customers. They must be able to instill a feeling of trust and confidence in their abilities. Quite often they are called on to provide their services at inopportune times and times of personal crisis for their customers who are possibly feeling unhappy, worried, overwhelmed and need to feel reassured and comfortable about what’s happening

An electrician who inspires feelings of confidence with their customers and does a quick, tidy and efficient job will find that word of mouth will travel quickly and result in many new clients. Conversely, the opposite can happen with an electrician who displays poor people skills, does a job that is rushed or the customer has to wait too long.