Benefits of having Knob and tube wiring in your home

If you have an older style home it may have been wired using knob and tube wiring. Talk with your local electrician on the Gold Coast about the condition of the wiring. This is a form of wiring that used porcelain knobs and tubes to insulate the wires around your home.

This form of wiring, although not used anymore in Australia had some benefits to the consumer. Mainly that it was much cheaper to purchase and install than any other types of wiring systems before the 1950’s. The wires were installed under floors, in ceilings and in the lining of walls where they were not accessible or posed a danger of electrocution.

This system worked well for loads of up to 10amps as it kept the wires cool as the heat generated as the current passed through dissipated quickly.


When used (Pre 1950) labour costs were much lower than the present day and the most expensive part of any job was the materials. Once the labour cost increased to the stage where today it is much more than the normal material costs, as installing knob and tube wiring is very labour intensive it became much less popular and eventually stopped being used.


Porcelain insulators are extremely resilient with a very long lifespan that provides excellent insulation protection. The porcelain knobs help prevent the wires from being over tensioned when they are installed, allowing the wires to remain trouble free for a long time.

Disadvantages of Knob and Tube Wiring

There are only two wires the phase, hot wire or positive and the neutral. In the 1960’s the third wire, a ground wire was introduced for safety. This ground wire protects lives and property from surges and overloaded circuits.


The knob and lube system requires that the wires are not covered with any type of material such as insulation or in the case of pests, having nests built or stacked around them so they are not able to cool down adequately in the air.

The natural rubber insulation on the wires over time breaks down and no longer provides adequate protection, allowing to the possibility of electric shocks and short circuits

Increased Power Usage

The power needs of homes and other building has dramatically changed since knob and tube wiring was used. Most of these types of circuits were used for lighting as there were few electrical appliances. A 10 amp knob and tube wiring with a 60amp electrical system is just not able to cope with the demands of a modern home. Ask your friendly electrician on the Gold Coast to check your home and the wiring.

Most homes today require between a 150 to 250 amps service capacity and if your home still has knob and tube wiring it was probably modified improperly and poses a fire of electrical threat.

Your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast can advise you on the best way to ensure your home is safe.

Talk with your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast about your home’s wiring if the house was built before the 1960’s to ensure it’s safe as there are really no benefits to keeping the old knob and tube wiring apart from saving replacement costs