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The top ways to improve the lighting in your home

Choosing the right lighting is no easy task, especially when it can make or break your home. Now that may seem extreme, but it’s the truth! With ever-evolving designs, styles, and technology, there are many ways you can improve the lighting in your home. At NDF Electrical, our Gold Coast electricians are fully equipped with […]

Why your older home needs electrical maintenance

Why your older home needs electrical maintenance? Everyone buying a home must understand that you are playing a game of Russian roulette, around every corner there could be a disaster waiting to happen. This is why we get pre-purchase building inspections, so we know what we are getting ourselves into. But what do we do […]

Why you should have smart switches in your home

As we move forward at light speed with technology, the benefits to you home are becoming endless. We are almost at the stage of having a fully automated home that when programmed correctly will make your life even easier. With great technology comes great responsibility, we must be careful that the smartest thing in your […]

Top Signs of electrical faults in your home wiring

How good is electricity? It powers everything we need it too, without it we would either be very fit, very bored or there would be a massive increase in population the world planet couldn’t sustain. But a wise man once said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility”. It doesn’t take much for one of man’s […]

Top pros & cons of having Motion Sensor Lights

Home security on The Gold Coast is always a hot topic, it would seem the downfall of civilisation is upon us with all the petty crime around. There are many ways to help protect you home from unwanted visitors from full blown security systems to the family dog. Another great and cheap way to protect […]

Top benefits of having smart electricity meter

With the world becoming more eco friendly with every day that passes it would seem that the electricity industry is trying to do their bit. The smart electricity meter is a digital meter that measures when and how much energy you are using at home. It also sends the information remotely to your energy provider […]