5 tips to protect your home from power failures

Power outages are very common all around Queensland, so it’s important that you protect your home and all your electrical equipment when they occur. Your friendly local electrician in Tweed Heads can advise you on the right type of surge protectors for your particular application and needs as well as installing them in your home, at a very reasonable cost.

Backup generators and solar power generating systems are great for when you have a blackout. These can take over instantly if they have been set up properly. Having surge protectors can help eliminate any possible danger from fire hazards as a result of power surges causing equipment to overheat or burn out.

Power outages can be caused by natural disasters such as storms, cyclones, earthquakes and bush fires. They are also often the result of an unusual high demand during heat waves or severe cold snaps and well as when there are scheduled, power line maintenance activities.

For these reasons it’s impossible to know when you’re going to be affected by blackouts or for how long. These five tips will ensure you’re properly prepared:

  1. Be Prepared

It pays to always be prepared for power failures and to ensure your property is adequately protected from the possible consequences of a power outage. Having a sound backup plan to help you and your family cope is advisable.

  1. Protect Your Electronics

Ask your local electrician in Tweed Heads to supply and fit the correct type and number of surge protectors to protect all your electronic gear. This includes refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, electric ranges, TV’s, sound systems, computer equipment and air conditioners, in fact, everything electrical as well as your security system.

Some people even like to have an isolation switch installed that shuts down all their electrical equipment in the event of a blackout or for when leaving their home unattended for any length of time

  1. Backup Systems

You can ask your local electrician in Tweed Heads to install a backup power system for you that automatically kicks in if required and turns off the mains circuitry so there is no risk of power surge when the power resumes.

These systems can use generators or batteries that have the advantage of being silent and the option of being solar charged

  1. Keep Your Home Secured

Whether you use alarms, CCTV cameras or other security devices, it’s important that they are able to operate independently from the mains power source, because when there is a blackout all power is lost. This means that if your security system does not have an alternative power source it will shut down completely. So you need to have a backup plan

  1. Avoid Candles and Naked flame During Blackouts

Candles and naked flames cause many home fires during blackouts, so to reduce the risk of fire use battery powered torches and flashlights. You can also have wired in emergency lighting that comes on automatically in the event of a blackout