5 signs your switch board is wearing out

Many people live in older homes that although are very sound and comfortable usually still have the original wiring and switch board. These homes were designed with a wiring system that matched the average usage of the day, but now with people using so many more gadgets the old wiring systems and switch board are often overloaded and wearing out. Ask your friendly local electrician in Palm Beach to check your wiring and switch board if you notice any of these signs:

  1. Flickering Lights and Poor Appliance Performance

Flickering lights or if your lights seem to dim on and off, it’s a sure sign your switch board and wiring needs to be checked. If you notice that your oven never seems to heat up properly or your dries just shuts down in the middle of a cycle, it’s more likely to be the switch board than the appliance it’s self

  1. Damage to Appliances and lights

When your switch board starts to wear out and circuit breakers don’t properly control the current, light bulbs seem to always be blowing out and your microwave is hardly working properly, it’s really way past time to have your local electrician in Palm Beach check your electrical system.

This can cause overheating which is not only a fire hazard, but can cause irreparable damage to electronic circuit boards in your appliances especially computers, TV’s and amplifiers as well as damaging coils and elements

  1. Potential for Smoke, Fire and Water Damage

A faulty wiring system starts at the switch board, when your circuits are overloaded because the’re faulty and too much current is drawn through a power cord or a length of wiring, it can heat it enough to cause a fire.

When you have a fire, it usually results in smoke damage and damage from the water used to put the fire out.

If you smell a burning smell coming from and power outlets, appliances or your switch board it means that the wires have overheated and the insulation material has failed and will no longer protect your home or anyone who comes into contact with them.

Turn off your mains switch and call your electrician in Palm Beach for an emergency checkup

  1. Breakers Trip Frequently

If you have circuit breakers that keep tripping out, it’s probably because they are worn out. Your switch board and circuit breakers are designed to protect the whole of your electrical system and home.

Usually when a breaker frequently trips when you plug in an appliance then the breaker and switch board need to be examined by an electrician, so they can determine the exact cause and find a solution

  1. Old Age

If your switch board has not been serviced for ten years or more it is due for servicing and modernizing.

Having your switch board inspected is a wise investment in safety

When you find that your lights often dim and appliances do not run as well as they should, or you smell a burning odour, Its’s time to call in your friendly local electrician in Palm Beach. This will help to prolong the life of your appliances as they will not get overloaded and prevent safety and fire issues from developing.