5 Common Electrical Problems And How To Solve Them

There are many jobs around the home and worksite that a keen DIY person can do themselves, but electrical work is not one of them. Between 2014 and 2016 over 70 percent of deaths from electrical shock occurred in the home. Electricity is the greatest threat around the home or workplace as it can’t be seen or easily detected. Always get an Electrician on the Gold Coast to check or disconnect and areas you want to work on.

Five common electrical problems and the safest way to deal with them are suggested here:

  1. Your lights or power points suddenly don’t work

This can be rectified by going to your switchboard and resetting the circuit breakers or replacing a fuse. If the circuit breakers trip out again, it is a sign that something is wrong, disconnect any appliances connected to that circuit and try again. If it still trips out, then you need to seek help from a qualified and licensed electrician on the Gold Coast. If it doesn’t the inspect all the appliances or have them tested

  1. Your lights flicker

This usually happens because the bulb you are using requires a higher wattage than the wires in your circuit or fixtures are able to carry. This is called ‘overlamping” and can be dangerous as it may cause fixtures and wiring to heat up often resulting in connections melting and/or becoming loose. They then start to arc causing sparks to jump gaps and around the wires. Because the fitting are damaged, they need to be replaced as even if you place a lower wattage bulb in them, they can still get hot and arc posing a substantial fire risk

  1. Hot Power Points-Outlets

Under normal circumstances power points should never get warm or heat up. If they do, it may be because you are using an appliance with a built-in reduction transformer such as a laptop or cellphone.

This can cause the outlet or plug to heat slightly as the power is converted from AC to a DC current. Try the power point without these appliances, if it still heats up, then call your local electrician on the Gold Coast to fix the problem as it could be broken wires, old, lose connections or your wiring circuits are overloaded and need replacing

  1. Electric plugs keep falling out

This can happen for several reasons, the most common being the contact areas inside the outlets have become worn from constant use. Another reason is if there are too many appliances on an individual outlet or circuit (overloaded) they can heat up and stretch. When the plastic components get hot they can deform so need to be replaced

  1. A high Electric Bill

Many older buildings have a wiring plan that was not designed for the numbers and types of appliances in use today, so can’t easily cope and tend to overcompensate raising your usage and charges. Always unplug and devices you’re not using as even on standby they consume power

Ask your local Electrician on the Gold Coast to check your building’s wiring, outlets and switchboard for safety issues and never attempt to do your own repairs or alterations. Always use a qualified and licensed Electrician.