Why you should always hire a licensed electrician

It is common for people to consider undertaking electrical repairs themselves on the Gold Coast solely based on the cost. They may save money by doing it themselves or hiring a friend or “handyman,” who may or may not be qualified. If you need any electrical work in your home, whether large or small, you should hire a licensed electrician on the Gold Coast. Below are some reasons why you should hire only a licensed electrician. If you are experiencing electrical problems, here are five reasons to hire a professional:

When something goes wrong during a project, you should not be the one to pay for it. Electrical contractors possess liability insurance, so they will be covered if they become injured on the job. This relieves you of a lot of pressure. Whenever an electrical problem arises, you should focus on the solution, not on all the possibilities.

An experienced electrician on the Gold Coast has undergone extensive training and testing and have a great deal of experience to rely upon. To become a licensed electrician on the Gold Coast, an electrician must first be an apprentice with a qualified master electrician for at least four years. After passing the licensing examination, they become a licensed electrician. A license provides the electrician with a nod of approval and the relevant licenses required.

Another reason for only hiring licensed electricians on the Gold Coast is that they will always follow the rules and regulations because if they don’t, they risk losing their credentials. You have probably seen Do-It-Yourself electrical work that looks as if it is held together by tape and paperclips. Electricians on the Gold Coast who understand what they are doing will ensure that their work meets all current safety codes. As a result, you do not have to worry about getting a shock when switching on a light. It will also be beneficial if you plan to sell your home in the future if things are up to code. Most banks will not provide a loan to purchasers if the building they are considering purchasing is unsafe.

Time and Money
You are almost guaranteed to save both time and money by hiring a licensed electrician on the Gold Coast. Several things could go wrong when working with electricity, so getting it right the first time around is essential. An electrician who is licensed has taken the time to learn how to do things correctly. Due to their expertise in the field, they can also suggest ways to keep your home running efficiently. Additionally, if you plan to sell your home in the future, this will make the process easier.

Guaranteed work
Most qualified electricians on the Gold Coast will guarantee their work for a nominated amount of time. If anything goes wrong within the time frame, they will come a fix the issue.

Be sure to hire a licensed and insured company that offers a warranty for electrical work. Contact NDF electrical if you require assistance. We have a team of licensed electricians on the Gold Coast that specializes in both residential and commercial work.

The top ways to improve the lighting in your home

Choosing the right lighting is no easy task, especially when it can make or break your home. Now that may seem extreme, but it’s the truth! With ever-evolving designs, styles, and technology, there are many ways you can improve the lighting in your home. At NDF Electrical, our Gold Coast electricians are fully equipped with the latest styles and technology to help you revamp your home’s lighting!

Why is lighting important?

So why is the lighting in your home important? Well, good lighting is a seriously underestimated design element. It is super important for your home as it affects the mood, tone, temperature, and scale of the space. For example, if you use a warm-toned light, you will find that your room will have more warmth and feel relaxing and comfortable. Although it might seem tricky at first, there are many tips to help you pull off the perfect lighting in your home.

Switching your lights to LED lights

Switching your lights to LED light bulbs is a must! This is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home’s lighting, as they are significantly more effective than any incandescent bulbs that you might still have hanging around. They are some of the most amazing light bulbs as they will save you heaps of energy and money.

They can also come with altering features so you can custom your lights to how you want your home to feel. You can change the temperature of the light which gives you the power to dramatically change the tone of your home. They can also have a dim feature that allows you to change the strength of the light. 

Dimmer switches

Dim the lights down low! Adding dimmer switches to any room is an amazing way to switch the mood up. A dimmer allows you to soften the brightness of your lights and the fact is that all lights look better softer. Not to mention that dimming your lights by 25% can reduce your electricity bill by 20%. A great investment to improve the lighting in your home. 

Switch to smart

With today’s technology, you now can control your lights from your own phone! With a tap of a button, you can switch all your lights off, instead of having to run through your whole home. Perfect for when you’re out and about and realise you forgot to turn off your lights at home. All you have to do is jump on your phone then carry on with your day stress-free. This is not only a brilliant way to save money but also an amazing way to take control of your energy.

Another fun feature of smart light bulbs is coloured lighting. This modern feature has become increasingly popular as they have found out that coloured lighting can have a huge influence on our moods and accentuate the designs of our homes. It is a must-have lighting feature for your home.

When you are looking to improve your home’s lighting, turn to the brilliant Gold Coast electricians at NDF Electrical. Equipped with the knowledge and skill, have a chat with them about upgrading your home’s lighting.