The difference between a good and great electrician in Tweed Heads

Hiring an electrician in Tweed Heads for the first time can be a nerve-wracking thing. Usually, when you need them it is some sort of emergency, and you are already slightly frazzled when you are speaking to them. You need to know that the electrician that you are engaging in Tweed Heads is going to look after you and your home the way you deserve. Even though every person that becomes an electrician has to go through the same training process, not all electricians in Tweed Heads are created equal. How can you tell the difference between a good and great electrician in Tweed Heads?


You should be able to tell straight away whether your electrician truly loves his job or whether he is just going through the motions. If your electrician in Tweed Heads truly loves his trade, then you can rest assured that he is going to have pride in his work and will be doing his best to fix your issues.

Attention to Detail

There is probably no trade where attention to detail is more important than an Electrician. One slip and it can be a fatal turn of events for any electrician in Tweed Heads. NDF Electrical have years of experience and their attention to detail is second to none. Their ability to problem solve on the fly ensures that no matter what problems pop up during their visit that they will be able to fix them.

Product Knowledge

The electrician that you engage in Tweed Heads must have great product knowledge. We as customers can do all the research, we want but it won’t compare to a tradesman who lives and breathes the products that he supplies every day. His ability to be able to recommend different product solutions to either save the customer money or give better performance is a key ingredient to defining a great electrician in Tweed Heads.

Commitment to learning

A great electrician will have a commitment to learning and increasing their knowledge within their field. Learning new technologies and techniques is key to staying at the cutting edge of their trade and ensuring that can give their clients the best service possible.


Last but certainly not least is communication. Your electrician in Tweed Heads must have great communication skills. The ability to be able to explain what they have discovered and then how they will fix the problem is a necessity. It also helps when they may need to have “hard” discussions with clients that some electricians would avoid. The ability to tell clients what they need to hear not what they want to hear is very important.

When you are looking for an electrician in Tweed Heads you shouldn’t have to settle for good.  NDF Electrical are great electricians who tick all the boxes when it to delivering honest and trustworthy work every single time they visit your home.

Top Advantages of having Ducted Air Conditioning

We all know how hot and sticky the summer days can get, especially on the Gold Coast. Whether it is Coomera or Tweed Heads, the heat can be unbearable at times. Being able to have an escape from the heat is so important, and with ducted air conditioning, that is exactly what you will get. Ducted Air Conditioning is an air-con system that involves one central Fan Unit that is connected throughout your house via various ducts in your roof. These ducts are situated throughout your home, allowing you to control the temperature and airflow in each room. Now, this may sound technical, however, the electricians in Gold Coast from NDF Electrical can take care of it without a second thought. Let’s talk about the advantages of having ducted air conditioning in your home.

Visual Appearance

In comparison to a normal split system air conditioning unit, ducted air conditioning is much more visually appealing. The fact is you would barely know it is there. Older style split system systems can be an eyesore, whereas ducted air conditioning is integrated into the roof of your home. Additionally, ducted air conditioning systems utilise an installed control panel in your home rather than a remote. These control panels can be modified to look very modern and sleek. Your NDF electrician in Gold Coast can take care of the whole install, start to finish.

Greater Temperature Control

With ducted air conditioning, you can control the temperature in each individual room/area in your home. This means that you can focus more cool air into the sunlight and hotter rooms, whilst leaving the remainder of the home without air conditioning. This is a massive benefit of ducted air conditioning in comparison to split system air conditioning. If you request, your NDF electrician from Gold Coast can install multiple control panels for even greater and easier control.

Efficiency and Running Costs

Now the common understanding is that ducted air conditioning is expensive. Yes, the initial outlay of a ducted system is more, however in the long run it will save you money. On average, a home will have multiple split system air conditioners, meaning two systems running all day. However, these single units do not effectively cool a whole home the same way a ducted system can. NDF Electrical and their team of electricians in Gold Coast have seen the differences in the two and will suggest running with a ducted system. Additionally, a ducted air conditioning system is seen as a massive feature for home buyers, meaning that if you are ever wanting to sell your home, you will get a solid return on your investment.

Finally, when your ducted system is on, you will barely know it is running.

Speak to the team of qualified electricians from NDF Electrical in Gold Coast for all your ducted air conditioning systems.