Top pros & cons of having Motion Sensor Lights

Home security on The Gold Coast is always a hot topic, it would seem the downfall of civilisation is upon us with all the petty crime around. There are many ways to help protect you home from unwanted visitors from full blown security systems to the family dog. Another great and cheap way to protect your home is with sensor lights. But along with a string of positives there are a few negatives that go with sensor lights. We discuss the top pros and cons of having motion sensor lights and how your trusted electrician on The Gold Coast, NDF Electrical can help you brighten up your life and keep your home safe.



The most important use for motion sensor lights is for safety. After a night out it can be difficult to navigate your way in the dark and a sensor light could save you a regular bout of scraped knees or worse. The miracle of light will bathe your path and there will be no excuses for not making to the front door unscathed.

Set and Forget

With no need to turn a switch on, motion sensor lights are a great help for kids and the elderly. One less thing for them to worry about, they will know that the lights will look after themselves.

Conserve Energy

In this ever-greener world we all must do our bit for the planet. Not only will the motion sensor lights save on your energy consumption as they only come on when required, they will also save you money. It’s win, win!


No Control

We discussed how motion sensor lights are set and forget as a pro, but on the flip side, you have very little control of them once you set them. They could be overly sensitive and turn on at the slightest movement, this could be an annoyance for many reasons like

  • Harsh bright light in the dark
  • False alarms which may add undue stress
  • If you are using inside, they may turn off when you don’t want them to.
  • Angry neighbours due to the light be pointed directly at their bedroom (personal experience).

The only way to ensure that you get the best solution for your motion sensor lights is to speak to your trusted electrician on The Gold Coast. NDF Electrical will be able to give you the right advice on where you would be best suited to place your motion sensor lights as well as installing so that you don’t have to experience any cons.

There is no doubt that the pros for having motion sensor lights far outweigh the cons, a cheap and easy way to provide some added security for the home as well as making it a safer place to return to at night. NDF Electrical are the best electrician on The Gold Coast and making your life brighter is their specialty.

Top benefits of having smart electricity meter

With the world becoming more eco friendly with every day that passes it would seem that the electricity industry is trying to do their bit. The smart electricity meter is a digital meter that measures when and how much energy you are using at home. It also sends the information remotely to your energy provider without the need for a meter reader having to manually read your meter. It can also be used to measure the quality of the power at your property as well as allowing your supplier to see if the power is out and also be able to cut the power remotely if required. If you are looking for an electrician in Tweed Heads that can give you the best advice about smart meters and what the future holds for them, look no further than the team at NDF Electrical.

Accurate Billing

Gone are the days of the manual meter reading and trusting what is on your bill. With the smart meter your bills will be completely accurate with a digital reading being sent directly to your supplier taking human error out of the equation. Your electricity usage is measured every 30 minutes ensuring that when information is sent on it’s the most current reading. Waiting for your bill to appear in the mail to see what you owe will be a thing of the past, you will be able to monitor your bill in real time.

See usage

With your own personal in-home display, you can watch your electricity usage in real time. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to be more energy efficient as you will now your peak hours of usage and be able to manage them better. As well as the in-home display you can also check your usage on your supplier’s website. By seeing your usage in real time, you can actually develop power saving techniques and see if they work in real time. Knowing which appliances to use at what time could make all the difference, plus it’s a good argument killer for the kids when you ask them to turn the four TV’s off in the house they aren’t using.

Easy to analyse to find cheaper rates

We are all looking for the best deal possible for our electricity supply and having a smart meter installed at your property will be able to help you with that. Data supplied by smart meters will be able to be analysed and experts will be able to determine where you might be able to find better and cheaper rates for your energy supply.

It would seem that the future of electricity supply is going to rely heavily on the smart meters. The ease in which you can control and monitor your usage and not rely on manual readings are a good enough reason to investigate a smart electricity meter. NDF Electrical provide many services with one being an inspection of power boards to ensure that they are up to standard, if you think your power board could use some tender loving care the team at NDF Electrical will be happy to oblige.