Top Signs that show your house needs electrical repairs

Waiting until the last minute to undertake electrical repairs at home could be a disastrous and expensive decision. Life moves so fast nowadays that it’s easy to miss the obvious around the house let alone the stuff that’s hidden behind the walls. NDF Electrical is a trusted electrician in Tweed Heads and can help you ensure that your home is safe for the family. Here are the Top Signs that show your house needs electrical repairs.

  1. Frayed and exposed wires
  • Electrical rule #1 – DO NOT TOUCH FRAYED OR EXPOSED WIRES!

This is a more common occurrence around the house than one might think. In old houses the protective coating around wires can start to degrade leaving live wires exposed to the unsuspecting and could cause a nasty shock if accidentally touched. The damage to the insulation could also cause a fire.

  • Exposed wires are more likely found under the house or in the garden. Most garden wiring is low voltage and won’t cause much of an issue but unless it was you who installed the wiring getting a licenced electrician to check it wouldn’t hurt. You wouldn’t want the kids to come across an exposed wire in the garden. Ensure that all wires are terminated correctly. NDF Electrical can help you with this simple solution.
  1. Tripping Breakers

Apart from being seriously annoying a tripping breaker can be a sign of bigger problems. There are many reasons that a breaker may short but it’s better to be safe than sorry and get NDF Electrical to have a look at your switchboard and ensure it’s up to grade. It might only be a faulty appliance that is easy to replace but worst case is that there is a major wiring issue in your house.

  1. Dimming Lights

There is a time and place for dimming lights, but you should always be in control of the situation.

  • Right time – After a long week at work on a Friday night, the kids are in bed and you are relaxing with your loved one on the lounge.
  • Wrong time – You are cooking dinner and suddenly the lights in the kitchen dim and you can’t see the stir fry properly.

If dimming is happening beyond your control it can be a sign of damaged wiring in the house, and you should get NDF Electrical on the case as soon as possible.

  1. Burning Smell

It goes without saying that nothing ever comes good from a burning smell unless is there is a fireplace or a bonfire within close proximity. When you smell smoke emanating from your walls, power sockets or from under your floor it’s time to check in with your trusted Electrician in Tweed Heads. NDF Electrical are experts in sniffing out where the burning smell is coming from and solving your problem on the spot with a minimum of fuss.

  1. Smoke

Obviously, smoke is the last thing you want to be seeing coming from anything to do with your electrics. It’s not often a good thing but it could be something simple or it could be the start of something awfully bad. The old saying of “where there is smoke there is fire” is very applicable to your house and its electric system. Regular maintenance and keen senses will ensure that you are safe and sound.

NDF Electrical are your trusted electricians in Tweed Heads and are only more than happy to help you no matter how big or small you think your problem is. Let’s hope that you don’t have to experience the panic of having to deal with an emergency regarding any of these five situations but if you don’t hesitate to call the team at NDF Electrical.

Top tips to avoid overloading circuits at home.

Do you have to walk the tightrope every time you turn your appliances on? You can’t turn the kettle on when the microwave is going or have the dishwasher and washing machine running at the same time without causing a breaker to trip. Good news is that your circuit breakers are working and saving you from a possible fire but resetting those breakers in the middle of the night is a major annoyance. Below are some tips to avoiding overloading your circuits at home.

  1. Check Appliances

A faulty appliance is one of the major reasons for circuits to overload. It could be a wiring or grounding issue within the appliance causing your breakers to trip. Updating old appliances is an easy way to ensure that your circuits aren’t overloaded. If you are like me it doesn’t take much convincing to buy something new, especially if it’s a new TV.

  1. Linking power boards

More now than ever we have so many appliances that require charging and it’s a quick and easy remedy to plug one or more power boards into each other, this is called “daisy chaining”. With Laptops, mobile phones, Ipads, watches, headphones all requiring regular charging sometimes one power board isn’t enough. The are many great designated charging stations available on the market built to withstand the amount of power required for charging multiple devices.

  1. Old Wiring

The wiring in many old houses (40 years plus) can’t manage the amount of high load appliances that we have in our homes now. Single circuits were used for multiple rooms and can become overloaded very easily. This is an easy fix by an experienced electrician who will test the circuit load and divide it among newly installed circuits.

  1. Understanding your power usage

One sure way to avoiding overloading your circuits is to get a better idea of your power usage and what power your appliances are drawing from the network. Speaking to an electrician and mapping your house and its power outlets and circuits will allow you to disperse the power usage evenly across your circuit board.

  1. Breakers

You would be surprised just how many houses rely on old ceramic fuses. In fashion the word “Vintage” is cool but when it comes to electrical work its quite the opposite. If you are still replacing fuse wire, then it’s time to enter the 21st century. At NDF Electrical we can do a full review of your current switchboard and make sure that it’s as safe as it should be. Bringing your house and electrical supply up to Australian Standards.

The safety of you family and home can start with a quick review of your switchboard It doesn’t take long for an experienced electrician to solve your circuit breaker issues and make sure that you aren’t spending anymore cold nights outside with a torch in hand. NDF Electrical are experts in ensuring your home is running as efficiently and is as safe as it should be. Protect your greatest asset, your family by following these simple steps to a safe home.