A Quick Guide on Choosing the Right Heating system for your Home this Winter

Australia is the land of extremes, especially weather wise and the Gold Coast is no exception and can become chilly during the cooler months. Your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast can recommend the best heating option for your home this winter depending on the style of your home and the area you live in as some ways are more cost-effective and efficient than others.

There are a few options available, with often a mixture of different types preferable. To help you decide these are the common options:

  • Electric Heaters

Electric heaters can be portable or wired to the wall or ceiling, they are usually inexpensive to purchase but can be expensive to run. It’s recommended that you use electric heaters with thermostats or timers to limit the time they are on.

Electric heaters can be bar heaters that reflect heat directly or fan type heaters that warm the air in the room. Electric heaters are best for small areas when you want instant heat, but are not so good in large rooms or rooms with high ceilings as the heat rises and the lower areas take a long time to heat up, so can be expensive to operate

  • Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are generally very efficient and provide value for money spent, but you need a gas supply or to use bottled gas which can be inconvenient. They can heat medium sized rooms quickly and effectively

  • Reverse cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a more expensive option initially than gas or portable electric heaters, but they are much more effective and economical, especially in large areas or open plan homes. Your local electrician on the Gold Cast can install them for you. They offer the advantage of being able to keep your home cool during the hotter months, for a relatively low power usage so are very cost-effective in the long term

Fireplaces and Wood Burners

The cosy feeling a wood burner or fireplace adds to a room is very appealing, but they usually don’t heat the whole home, so are mostly used with other forms of heating such as portable heaters. Their advantage is that they can be a very cheap option as firewood is very easy to collect in most areas. The biggest disadvantages of fireplaces are the smoke and pollution factors and the need to store lots of firewood

  • Solar heating

This is often taken into consideration in the planning and the design stage of building a new home, but could be difficult although not impossible for an existing home. But often has the advantage of providing hot water as well as further reducing your energy costs

  • Being Energy Efficient

Your local electrician on the Gold Coast can advise you on all the best options for your particular home and situation. It’s also important to ensure your home is properly insulated as the heat will escape if there are any places it can get through. Having reverse cycle air conditioning allows you to only heat the areas you need heated using thermostats, thereby reducing your overall energy costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast is able to advise you on the type of home heating that is best suited for your particular home and then install the best system ton help reduce your energy consumption and lower your heating costs.

What are the top electrical safety requirements every household should have?

By law in Queensland all existing domestic electrical installations are required to have at least one residual current device or a safety switch that will interrupt the power supplied to all power points if an electrical leakage is detected. It’s recommended that your electrician on the Gold Coast installs RDC’s on every circuit in your homes electrical system so that it a leakage does occur in a particular circuit, that circuit will be shut down but the unaffected circuits will remain operable.

Individual safety switches can be installed in all power points or any extension cord or board for additional safety

  • New Homes

When building a new home or making an addition, all power points must be protected with safety switches (RDC’s) and it’s advisable to also have RDC’s on lighting circuits. An RDC must be installed before any new electrical work or rewiring is allowed to be carried out in a home in Australia

  • Existing homes

All leasehold or rented domestic residences are required to have RDC’s on all power points in the homes electrical system

All houses sold after 1st September 2002 require an RDC to be installed if any electrical work is done on them. This work can only be done by a qualified and registered electrician on The Gold Coast

If a property is sold an RDC must be installed on the main power supply within three months of the sale date

There are some important safety requirements for every home; these include having an electrical safety checklist and having your home inspected by your friendly local electrician on the Gold Coast on a regular basis or if you suspect you may have an electrical problem because you experience any of the following:

  • You feel any type of tingling sensation if you touch a light switch, power cord or appliance
  • If any of your circuit breakers flip or your fuses blow regularly
  • If any of your switches or electrical fitting give of a burnt or rubbery smell
  • If your switches or plugs feel warm or hot to the touch, appear to be deformed or discoloured
  • If there are sparks when you connect or disconnect fittings or operate switches
  • If there is any water leaking around any electrical appliances or power points
  • Your lights start to dim or flicker

It’s important to check that all electrical cords and plugs are in good condition before using. Your electrical plugs should fit together firmly and snugly ask your Gold Coast electrician to replace any frayed damaged or loose connections.

  • Make sure your light bulbs are the correct wattage for your fittings and circuits
  • Don’t overload power circuits by having too many appliances on any given circuit. Your local electrician on The gold Coast will be able to install additional circuits it required
  • Use tamper-proof electrical power points if you have children
  • It is illegal to do any electrical repairs yourself, you must have a licenced and registered electrician to do any electrical repairs or installations

Every home by regulation must have at least one safety switch (RDC), ask your local electrician on the Gold Coast to check your electrical circuits and insure your RDC’s are working correctly at least every two years. They will show you how to do a monthly homeowners RDC test so you can be sure they are working properly.