Signs which show your home wiring needs an upgrade

We all rely on our homes wiring every day, but give little thought to the condition it’s in, as most of the wires are concealed in the walls, ceiling or under floors. It’s only when a problem develops that we think to call an electrician, but often that can be too late as wiring and electrical malfunctions are the main cause of house fires, loss of property and life. Your local electricians in Reedy Creek can check your home, give you peace of mind as they catch any problems early to prevent any electrical issues developing.

These signs show that your home may need an electrical upgrade:

Using extension cords or strip connectors

If your home is a few years old its wiring was probably not designed for the huge number of appliances most homes use today. This means you may have to use strip connectors or extension cords to accommodate your needs. This can cause problems such as:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Tripping hazard with extension wires on the floor
  • Extension cords can become frayed, pinched or bent causing a short, tripped circuit breakers, damaged outlets
  • An increased fire risk
  • Constantly blown fuses

Having one of the friendly electricians in Reedy Creek install new circuits and adequate power outlets can reduce your risks of break downs and eliminate fire risks.

Strange smells

Often when you first use an appliance it will briefly give off a strange smell as it settles down, this is normal, but should stop very quickly. If you ever have smells coming from outlets, fuse box or breaker panels, this is a sure sign that you need your wiring checked, so call your friendly electricians in Reedy Creek for a wiring checkup without delay.

Lights Flickering

Most light bulbs use a low level of power so flickering light is usually a sign that there are too many appliances drawing current from that circuit or you have an electrical issue. It can also be because the wattage is too high for the circuit.

Sparks or Buzzing

When you have sparks or buzzing sounds coming from outlets, appliances or control panels it’s not normal and you should have your whole system checked.

When electricity moves through your electrical system, it should be totally invisible and silent.

Sparks and buzzing indicate loose connections as the current needs to jump gaps causing the spark or sounds.

Hot fittings, wires or outlets

Some appliances will get warm to the touch or even hot such as toasters, hair dryers and anything that’s designed to produce heat or has moving parts like electric fans or drills. But this should only be felt from the body of the appliance never on the cords or switches. If you find these parts are heated then do not use them and call your local electricians in Reedy Creek.

If you feel there is a problem with the wiring in your home or you have any of the above issues such as the need to use lots of extension cords, flickering lights, unusual smells from any electrical fitting or appliances, hot connectors or outlets it is very important for your family’s safety to contact your friendly electricians in Reedy Creek and have your wiring inspected and upgraded.

How damaged appliances can cause electrical damage?

Modern lifestyles require a range of appliances, so we must expect that they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Most people consider the only problem when damaged or faulty is with the appliance, but unfortunately, a faulty appliance can cause a range of problems around the home. If you have any doubts about any of your appliances talk with your local electrician in Elanora. They will advise you on whether they can be repaired or need to be replaced. These are some of the problems, faulty appliances can cause:

  • Surge Damage

When a damaged electrical appliance fizzle’s or shorts out, it sends a large amount of electricity through your electrical system, causing your circuit breaker to trip, breaking the circuit. This safety mechanism is there to protect you from electrical shock and your property from a possible fire hazard.

It’s very important once tripped, not to reset the circuit breaker until you have discovered the problem and unplugged or disconnected the faulty unit from the circuit.

Many electrical devices such as computers have sensitive microprocessors that are easily damaged from power surges. Refrigerators, air conditioning units, electric ranges and other devices with automatic temperature controls use a lot of current when in use, as they turn off and on they can cause minor power surges in circuits.

Any malfunctioning appliances on the same circuit can intensify these surges resulting in permanent damage, sometimes instantly or gradually over time reducing their working life.

Physical Damage

It only takes a fraction of a second for an overload or power surge to damage power outlets, switches and connections making them defective and potentially dangerous. For your safety, it’s important to call your local electrician in Elanora to have your whole system checked in the event of an appliance malfunction.

Fire Damage

Damaged appliances can cause electrical shorts that heat up rapidly posing a fire hazard. They can start as very small sparks or miniature fires on dust or any inflammable material on an instant and grow rapidly into a life or property threatening situation.

Power surges can cause wires to heat up because they are unable to cope with the extra load placed on them. This heating can destroy the insulation cover and set it on fire

Signs of a Broken Appliance

  • When your circuit breakers trip out, it’s often because an appliance is damaged or near the end of its working life
  • If witches stop working it often means they have been damaged by a power surge from a damaged appliance
  • Any sign or smell of smoke indicated a faulty appliance
  • Heating up of appliances, cords or switches indicates the appliance is damaged and should not be used
  • Any new noise or change in the usual noises an appliance makes shows it’s developing a fault
  • Any change in the appliance’s performance level indicates it’s no longer working properly and needs to be serviced or replaced
  • Lights, screens, switches or buttons that no longer work suggests that an appliance needs to be serviced or replaced

Electrical appliances have a limited service life and so it’s important to check them if you suspect they may be damaged to talk with your local electrician in Elanora, especially if your circuit breakers or surge protectors trip out.