Under Cupboard Lighting Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Many people in existing homes have only basic overhead lighting, but when creating a new home or renovating an existing kitchen or bathroom, they can usually benefit from the clever use of under cupboard lighting installations. Talk about your plans with your local electrician in Elanora they are familiar with the latest products, ideas and installation costs.

The benefits of installing under cupboard and cabinet lighting are:

  • Additional illumination

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to complement the overhead lighting in kitchens and bathrooms. It helps to provide focused illumination in difficult areas and highlights interesting features

  • Eliminates Shadows

Often with overhead lighting there are areas where shadows form. Placing lighting under cabinets and cupboards will eliminate any shadows, keeping your work areas clear and bright

  • Ambiance and Design

Having under cabinet lighting can help transform your kitchen and bathroom and give a real look of style and elegance. Your bathroom will appear warmer with a more contemporary look

Features to Look For

There is a whole range of options available, including light colour, brightness and energy-saving features. The following are some features you could consider for your kitchen or bathroom:

  • Voltage

Under cabinet lighting comes in two types of voltage, normal line or 210 volt or low voltage of 12 volts and sometimes 24 volts.

There is very little difference in the amount of energy saving from either, but the main advantages of the lower voltages are safety, they produce less heat and they are smaller so take up less space

  • Wiring

There are two options for wiring, you can have the plugin type or hard wired so they operate from a light switch. For either option you need the services of a qualified and registered electrician. There is a third option and that is battery operated under cabinet lighting, which can be a real advantage in areas subject to power outages

  • Dimming Capability

It is a good idea to have lighting with dimming capabilities so you can adjust the lighting to suit individual preferences. It also allows you to turn it right down and save substantial amounts of power when not needed

  • Types of Bulbs and Lighting

LED or light emitting diode lighting is very popular for under cabinet lighting because of its long service life, low heat output and high energy saving ability. There are two common types of under cabinet LED lights those that come in strips and puck or individual lights

Halogen and xenon light fixtures can often cause a lot of annoying  glare, making it necessary to use filter lenses so you are able to minimise the reflections and glare they cause.

Fluorescent lights are very energy efficient and give off almost no heat, unfortunately most of them can’t be dimmed so you don’t have the same control over the light intensity

Incandescent bulbs are usually not used for under cabinet lighting as they are bulky, give off a lot of heat and are power hungry.

Your local electrician in Elanora is a lighting expert who will be able to help you find the perfect solution for all your under cupboard lighting needs in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home to make it more attractive and livable.

Five electric safety tips for home renovation

Many Australians like to renovate their homes to make them more liveable and increase their resale value. There are a lot of things you can do yourself to save money, but one thing you are not allowed by law to do is any electrical work. You need to contact an experienced electrician on the Gold Coast to do it for you.

The things you can do yourself

  • Install garden lights and pond pumps that are 12 volts
  • Install your own battery powered smoke detectors
  • Install self contained solar lights
  • Install any 12 volt system that is not connected to the mains power, such as solar panels and switch gear
  • Change the fuse wire on old style fuses
  • Change ordinary light bulbs
  • Install wall ovens, wall mounted fans and air conditioning units, but you must have a licensed electrician do the electrical connections
  • Replace the drive belt on clothes dryers and washing machines

Only Professional, Registered and licensed Electricians are allowed to do an electrical jobs in Australia or New Zealand

Electrical work is very heavily regulated to protect the safety of everyone, whether it’s for residential industrial or commercial applications.

Whenever you hire an electrician, ask to see their current valid electrical license. Electrical jobs are defined by law as manufacturing, maintaining, testing, installing, repairing, changing or altering, replacing or removing any electrical part, fitting or equipment.

You should also ask to see a verification of a current insurance policy for at least $5 million public liability cover.

There are special regulations that cover power outlets in rooms that also provide water, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and outside areas, especially areas that contain a pool, spa or sauna, so talk with your local electrician on the Gold Coast about checking these.

Some things you cannot do yourself

  • Replace light switches or fittings
  • Place a ceiling fan on a light circuit or a light socket
  • Make an extension cord
  • Replace the plug or mend a power lead
  • Make a power board
  • Extend any electric wires

Safety Tips While Renovating

  • Always ensure the power is turned off if working on areas where there are electric wires or switches
  • Try not to bend electrical leads, keep them as straight as possible, but keep them out of the way
  • Only use correctly rated and fused power boxes and extension leads and ensure they are protected from the elements
  • Do not double up on double adaptors and power boards

Often when you use more power than your circuitry is rated for your safety switches will flip out. It is a good idea to get to know your fuse box so in emergencies you can reset the safety switches if needed and avoid calling your local electrician on the Gold Coast and having to pay an unnecessary call out fee.