Signs That Your Electrical Wiring Needs Upgrading

Almost a third of home electrical fires involve power outlets and interior house wiring. The old electrical system in your home can be a potential fire hazard and may need to be repaired or updated. Ask your friendly Electrician on the Gold Coast to give you advice and quote on making sure your home or business is safe.

Having a complete rewire of your home, including a new electrical switchboard may be a large expense, but that price is relatively small compared to the cost and possible loss of life or property that occurs during a fire. It’s important to keep your home and family safe.

Warning signs you may need help

Electricity is invisible, but there are often signs you can see when there are potential problems with your electrical system. If you do notice any of these warning signs, it is vital that you have, have an electrician inspect your electrical system:

  • If your fuses blow frequent or you often have tripped breakers
  • If you have an over- fused or amped electrical panel
  • If you experience the dimming or flickering lights of any lights, this indicates the circuit has a loose connection or is overloaded
  • If you have any hot or discolored switches, power cords or plugs
  • Do your light bulbs frequently burn out in their socket, this is a sign a fixture can’t handle the bulb wattage?
  • Do you ever get buzzing or sizzling sounds?
  • Do you ever have a burning smell?
  • Are there ever arcs or sparks from any electrical connections, especially when you plug or unplug a cord?
  • Are some of your switches or outlets lose or worn?
  • Does any of your electrical fittings have cut or broken insulation?
  • Have you ever felt an electric shock or a tingly sensation when you plug in or touch a cord?

Other reasons to check the wiring

Even if you have not noticed any warning signs that you might have faulty wiring, it’s a very good idea to make sure you have your home’s electrical system inspected periodically.

Electrical codes can vary depending on where you live, but in Queensland, there are a lot of common situations that really warrant you having an inspection by a qualified professional.

  • Is your home over 40 years old?
  • Do you rely on using extension cords for power?
  • Have you had major home improvements done or maybe just added a few major appliances, these could strain your existing electrical system?
  • Is your home properly grounded?
  • Does your home have aluminium instead of copper wiring?
  • Have you a problem with critters that have been sharing your home, rats, mice and other small animals love to chew the insulation away from electric wiring and ants build nests in junction boxes and switches.

Even if you don’t see any problem or any of these warning signs, It is far better to be safe than sorry so have an Electrician on the Gold Coast do an inspection soon.

There are many fires in Queensland that could have been prevented by having a properly qualified and experienced electrician check your home wiring ensuring the safety of your family and your possessions. Ask your friendly local electrician for a quote today

How To Improve Your Outdoors With Lighting

The way you plan your outdoor lighting can affect the amount of time and pleasure you get from your property. Overall, lighting needs can be broken down into two main categories. Security and aesthetics, but there is no reason that these cannot be combined so that your outdoor lighting is practical, cost-effective and provides a high level of security. Your local friendly Electrician on the Gold Coast can help you with deciding on the most appropriate types of lighting to install for your particular property so that you get the best and most cost-effective cover.


Security is a much greater concern now than it has been in the past with many properties being entered or broken into. Security can be expensive and one of the best and affordable ways to stop intruders is to not allow them any natural cover to hide behind. Most vandals and intruders by nature do not want to be easily recognised so seek places where they cannot be seen in their nocturnal activities.

  • Installing motion lighting is a great way to deter unwelcome visitors and the same lights can be used for aesthetic reasons when you want to highlight your area.
  • They are also handy to have near entrance ways and windows to help you see when arriving home at night by just coming on as you approach to help you navigate the area safely. They also send intruders running when they are suddenly lit up and exposed
  • Floodlighting is also very effective for making areas safe because it reduces the problem of not being able to identify hazards in the dark and can give your area a nice warm appearance. On path flood lighting reduces the chance of accidents and mishaps, offering both safety and a pleasant outlook

Accent lighting has been used successfully to help with showing off the most gorgeous areas of landscaping on properties recently and your local Electrician on the Gold Coast is just the person to help and advise you of the most cost-efficient and energy efficient options

  • Highlighting different spaces around your property can help to make your home or business move hospitable
  • Drive and path lighting stops your place looking imposing and gives a touch of security at the same time
  • Up-lighting is a great way to highlight a feature in your landscape when done properly and tastefully
  • Pool and patio lighting can help make the most of your outdoor living and increase the enjoyment of your guests by providing a feeling of spaciousness and safety. It can be an impressive way to make your outdoor investment shine

Electrical connections and lighting, in general, is not something that people should do themselves and by law, it is necessary for everyone’s safety to have a qualified electrician do the work for you. Your local Electrician on The Gold Coast is experienced and qualified to help advise you in all aspects of outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting can give your home or business a warm comfortable feeling that makes invited guests feel comfortable while deterring intruders and burglars. Motion detecting lights and floodlights are also a great deterrent as well as a safety measure to help you move around your property in the evenings.